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CANNA Boats 
polish manufacturer of classic, electric boats.

In response to the increasing global environmental concerns and the call for cleaner, greener alternatives, CANNA Boats has committed itself to the production of electric boats.

Focused on advancing the future of boating through innovative technology, CANNA Boats is charting a new course in nautical transportation with our 

high-quality, electric-powered boats combined with luxurious, comfortable, and practical designs.

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Our mission

​Our mission is to craft exceptional electric boats...

with a nod to timeless, retro design while prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

We use innovative technology and eco-friendly materials to create boats that not only look beautiful but also lead the boating industry towards a more sustainable future.

Our objective is to redefine marine recreation, leading the transition from conventional to electric boats, and demonstrating that luxury, style, and environmental stewardship can harmoniously coexist in the boating world. We strive to shape the future of boating and preserve the natural world for generations to come.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the innovators in sustainable boating...

providing premium electric boats with minimal impact on the environment. We envision a future where maritime enjoyment aligns perfectly with environmental responsibility. 

Our aspiration is to lead the boating industry into an era where electric-powered, classically designed boats are not just an alternative, but the norm. 

We foresee a world in which exploring the water is a celebration of nature, not a detriment to it, affirming that high performance, luxury, and sustainability can seamlessly blend, thus elevating the overall boating experience while preserving our precious ecosystems.

Couple in the boats in Venice


Led by our founder Janusz Kutkowski, we’ve created our silent yachts with expertise and attention to detail. 

Drawing on a rich Polish tradition of boat and yacht building, our electric boats blend cutting-edge technology with functionality. Inspired by a 1950s feel, it embodies elegance and a positive outlook on the future.

Our designs are sophisticated, blending timeless elegance with contemporary innovation. While they hark back to the classic lines and aesthetic of traditional, retro boats, they also incorporate modern, eco-friendly technology, providing a perfect blend of the old and the new.

CANNA Boats gives you a sustainable, effortless and immersive boating experience. 
Our electric boats are designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, making them user-friendly for both seasoned sailors and novice boaters. 

They are engineered to provide an effortless experience, allowing you to focus on the joys of boating rather than complex operating procedures. 

At CANNA Boats, we aim to make boating a smooth and enjoyable experience that's accessible to everyone.

Couple in the boats in Venice

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