Probably the best, the most sustainable 
electric boats in the world.

CANNA Boats, polish manufacturer of classic, electric boats.

Our electric boats are a harmonious fusion of old and new, they perfectly capture the romance and style of yesteryears while embracing the sustainable, forward-thinking technologies of today.

They are an ideal choice for boating enthusiasts who appreciate the charm of the past but also care about the future of our planet.

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CANNA One is the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, a timeless ode to past styles and an irresistible nod to nostalgia. 

In every detail, line, and curve, it unveils a profound romance with the sea, brought to life through state-of-the-art technologies, creating an unparalleled symphony on the waves.

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CANNA One Cabin

Set sail on a private journey with CANNA One, featuring a tailor-made cabin for two. It's more than a boat; it's your exclusive haven on the water, where luxury meets the soothing melody of the sea. 

Unwind, relax, and let each voyage become a cherished chapter in your maritime story...

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Revolutionizing the idea of day cruising and water-based socializing, the Unity inherits the iconic silhouette of the beloved CANNA One while introducing a new dimension to your boating experiences. 

Its specially crafted deck is designed for unforgettable moments during delightful picnic adventures.

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Take  only memories, leave only a disappearing wake.  

Our mission 

Our mission is to create outstanding electric boats, blending timeless retro design with a focus on sustainability. 

Using innovative technology and eco-friendly materials, we aim to redefine marine recreation, leading the shift from conventional to electric boats.

Our vision

We aim to lead sustainable boating innovation by offering premium boats with minimal environmental impact. 

Our vision is a future where maritime enjoyment aligns seamlessly with luxury and environmental responsibility.

Our goal

Our goal is to demonstrate that luxury, style, and environmental responsibility can coexist.


This endeavor shapes a more sustainable future for the boating industry and preserves the natural world for future generations.

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At CANNA Boats, our trusted sailing dealers and partners are crucial in revolutionizing sustainable boating. 

As local ambassadors, they spread the essence of CANNA Boats worldwide, providing top-tier service to customers.

Their expertise and commitment bring our vision to life, making waterways greener with classic, electric boats.

Together, we shape the future of eco-friendly boating worldwide.

Our Dealers and Partners

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Explore our offerings, embrace our vision, and join us in steering towards a greener, more sustainable future in boating. 

At CANNA Boats, we champion the strength of connection, collaboration, and innovation. 

We're excited to share our continued involvement in diverse trade shows, an integral aspect of our mission to shape the future of sustainable boating.

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electric boat, canna one, white boat

Why our electric boats are probably the best, the most sustainable electric boats in the world? 

Because ecology, efficiency and enjoyment  are the DNA of CANNA Boats!

At CANNA Boats, we don't just make boats. We create experiences, foster connections, and help you discover a whole new way of engaging with the world around you. 

It's not just about where you're going; it's about the journey and the memories you make along the way.

Don't wait any longer! 

Contact us and get more information about your next electric boat! 

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