Meet Our Fleet of Trusted Dealers and Partners

Your Local Guides to Sustainable Sailing with CANNA Boats

At CANNA Boats, we deeply value our network of trusted sailing boat dealers and partners, essential players in our mission to revolutionize sustainable boating. Their profound knowledge, unrivaled expertise, and commitment to superior customer service allow us to bring our vision of eco-friendly, electric boating to life. 

They are our local ambassadors, spreading the essence of CANNA Boats worldwide while providing top-tier service to customers. With their support, we continue to make strides in sustainability, making the waterways greener, one classic, electric boat at a time. 

Together, we're not just selling boats, we're shaping the future of sustainable boating.

Discover the world of sustainable boating with CANNA Boats and join us in leading the wave of change. 

As a partner or dealer, you'll represent our innovative electric boats, merging classic elegance with green technology. We offer a rewarding partnership built on mutual growth and shared values. 

By becoming part of the CANNA family, you'll not only tap into a growing market of conscious consumers but also contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet's waterways. 

Let's chart this promising journey together, creating a ripple effect that goes beyond business. Join us, and let's navigate towards a greener tomorrow.