CANNA One - retro, electric boat

The future is classic...

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CANNA One is nothing less than poetry gliding on waves. It is an art of merging tradition with modernity, set in a form that elegantly slices through water. 

It is a sigh for the style of past, with a hint of nostalgia that is impossible to ignore. 

Every detail, every line every curve in CANNA One speaks of a long romance with the sea, transformed into reality through state-of-the-art technologies. 

This is a boat that not only moves with grace, but above all, moves hearts, offering an elegant answer to the call of the future - zero emission, silent, and respectful of nature travels. 

Discover our electric boat CANNA One

Standard Equipment​​​​
Electric Engines​​​​
Brown boat

Brown boat

​This is where you belong...

Wherever your CANNA takes you, you arrive in style with no noise and zero-emissions. 

You instantly connect to your suroundings with all your senses. You feel welcomed everywhere – like a long-awaited friend.

Brown boat

With a minimalist retro design, your electric boat CANNA One fits perfectly into any environment. 

Powered by a maintenance-free electric engine, its light and durable hull steers easily. State-of-the-art LFP batteries allow you to enjoy the experience for the whole day. Simply recharge them at any marina.

upholstery of canna one

canna one

canna one

Our Standard Equipment

White electric boat

Pure White gelcote hull

Our electric boat is made from fiberglass and resin thanks to which we obtained a strong, durable hull with lightweight characteristics and high impact resistance.

The White Magic colour, enhancing visibility on the water, provides a timeless and elegant aesthetic.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring in CANNA Boats offers an eco-friendly, sustainable option, known for its natural resilience and cushioning effect. 

This material not only enhances the boat's aesthetic with its unique texture but also provides excellent insulation and anti-slip properties, ensuring comfort and safety on board.

cork flooring on the boat
wooden dashboard

In our electric boats attention to detail is not just an ethos; it's our very essence. 

Incorporating exotic woods into our designs is a testament to this commitment. These rare and beautiful materials, sourced responsibly, add a touch of nature's artistry to our creations. Each grain pattern tells a unique story, adding depth, character, and a timeless quality.

Exotic wood details

handmade rope fender

Handmade rope fenders

The hand-made rope fenders on CANNA boats are a perfect blend of functionality and artisanal charm. Crafted with precision and care, these fenders are not just protective barriers against bumps and scratches; they are also symbols of CANNA’s dedication to preserving the artistry of traditional boat-making. 

Their bespoke design adds a unique, personalized touch to each vessel, showcasing the brand's attention to detail and quality.

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handmade rope fender
front of white boat

The stainless steel details on CANNA boats exemplify a fusion of strength and elegance. Each piece, meticulously crafted from high-grade stainless steel, not only adds to the boat's sleek, modern aesthetic but also ensures unparalleled durability and resistance to corrosion, even in harsh marine environments. 

These details, from railings to fittings, are thoughtfully designed to enhance both the functionality and the visual appeal of the boats, reflecting CANNA's commitment to quality in every aspect.

Stainless steel details

Electric Engines and Batteries

At CANNA boats, we're proud to incorporate engines and batteries from ePropulsion, a leader in marine electric propulsion technology. To cater to diverse boating needs, we offer two tailored options.

Furthermore, we understand the varying demands of our clients, which is why we offer the flexibility to add additional batteries. This option increases range and power, ensuring that your CANNA boat is perfectly equipped to meet your specific boating aspirations and adventures.

electric boat

Basic Option 1 - Electric engine range


3 kWh LFP Battery 


electric engine

ePropulsion Pod Drive 3 kW

Half speed runtime / 6 hrs / 27 km


Full speed runtime / 1 hrs / 9 km


Basic Option 2 - Electric engine range


Full speed runtime / 1:20 hrs / 14 km


8 kWh LFP Battery 


Half speed runtime / 10:40 hrs / 58 km



ePropulsion Pod Drive 6 kW

Option 1 - Electric engine range

electric engine

ePropulsion Pod Drive 3 kW + 3kWh LFP Battery

Half speed runtime / 6 hrs / 27 km


Full speed runtime / 1 hrs / 9 km


Option 2 - Electric engine range

electric boats with battery

ePropulsion Pod Drive 6 kW + 8kWh LFP Battery

Full speed runtime / 1:20 hrs / 14 km

runtime of boat

Half speed runtime / 10:40 hrs / 58 km

runtime of boat

Additional equipment

At CANNA boats, we believe that the true essence of luxury boating lies in the details. That's why our range of additional equipment is meticulously curated to elevate your experience on the water. 

From additional battery pack ensuring longer time on the water to luxurious, hand-made wooden middle table for ultimate comfort, every aspect is designed with the utmost care. 

Technical details of electric boat

ga biala











5,50 M 

​​1,94 M 

​​0,51 M 



3 - 6 

3.1 - 20



LENGHT: ​​​5,50 M 

WIDTH: ​​​1,94 M 

DRAFT: ​​0,51 M 


DRY WEIGHT [kg]: ​​ ​   ​​600


BATTERY PACK: ​3.1 - 20

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